What I got for Christmas

What I got for ChristmasHAPPY NEW YEAR!!

2017 is finally here and I’m so excited for this year, I don’t really get the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing, I feel like it’s really forced, I mean yeah, if you want to change something about yourself that you’re unhappy with, only do it for you. Don’t change to change other people’s opinion… Love yourself!

I haven’t really made any new year resolutions simply because I never stick to them, I always say I want to lose weight but then what am I meant to do with all the chocolate I got for Christmas that’s tucked away in the kitchen cupboard?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas, it went so so quick. I got some lovely gifts from friends and family that I wanted to share with you, I’m not bragging, if you’re anything like me I love seeing what everyone got so I thought I’d show you.

This was actually bought in the Boxing Day sales, I was an early riser and was already shopping in House Of Fraser at 8 o’clock in the morning (dedicated sales shopper!) and I stumbled across this little beauty, I saw that people were loving this before Christmas and the reviews were really good. The one in the picture is a Christmas limited edition set I think, but you can still buy the normal brush and I definitely recommend! This is the Clinique Cleansing Brush, It’s basically a face cleansing brush, you just put a pea sized amount of cleanser on the brush head, wet your face a little and then in circular motions brush over your face and it’ll foam up, it really is working for me, I’m 22 and still have bad acne and redness and I can really tell even the next day that my redness has gone down and I have really smooth skin. Honestly if you can, get one of these they are amazing!!

Okay, so Matt spoiled me this Christmas and this is one of the lovely gifts that he got me. It’s a HP Sprocket portable photo printer It’s fabulous! This one is white and rose gold but I think you can get other colours. Great for photography lovers! You connect it to your phone and just choose any photo and it prints out there and then, photo size is similar to a Polaroid picture but it’s instant and so cute!

My new backpack from my Mum and Dad! I actually saw this in TKMaxx a couple of months ago and mum said she’d buy it for Christmas, I totally forgot all about it so it was a surprise when I opened it on Christmas Day. It’s a dark green colour and the brand is Fiorelli. I’m way more into backpacks than bags, so much more comfortable and practical. Thanks mum.

This is so cool, I’ve put this in my bedroom on top of my drawers. These initial lights have been out a while but I love them, they create a good ambiance in any room and have an industrial look about them. Mum said she found this on eBay and it’s really affordable!

So in our living room we have just a plain white shelf above one of our sofa’s with cute little ornaments on and picture quotes like the above. The ‘exist to be happy, not to impress’, I found on notonthehighstreet a while ago, and then this ‘be wild’ picture, Matt got me for Christmas and it’s frigginn gorgeous, again rose gold and obviously how can you not like anything that’s rose gold?? The design of it is so cute and goes really well with our room. He got this from maison du monde and I’m loving this website, I only came accross it about 6 months ago and it has some great things definitely take a look if you’re a recent homeowner or even if you’re just re decorating.

Can you see chocolates? Yeah I got a big box of quality street from my auntie which are my fave mmm but the main present in this photo is the most cutest bangle I ever did see. It’s from my sister, obviously, and I just love it, I’ve worn it everyday day since Christmas and it’s so comfortable to wear, also it’s extremely good quality, I’m sure she said she got it from not on the high street.

‘Ta-Dah’ this purse/clutch bag is from Katie Loxton, I’m not really familiar with this brand but I’ve taken a look on her website and it’s really affordable and her products are amazing. You can get this purse with all different quotes in the middle which I think makes it unique, I’ve never really seen anything like this before, but she does other things aswell, keyrings, bags and candles etc. I think I’ll be investing in something else from her!

Last but not least… Pyjamas! It wouldn’t have been Christmas without PJ’s. I was in need of some new ones and it was on my list so I got quite a few. These ones in the picture are from missguided it’s an oversized shirt and it says ‘sweet dreams’ on the back and it really reminds me of the styles they have in Victoria Secrets. I’ve basically lived in pyjamas, hoodies and loungewear through the whole of December and I don’t know what to wear now. Problems!!

I hope you liked my first blog of the new year, tell me your new year resolutions if you have any and let me know what you got for Christmas 🙂

Shan x

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