Most Used Products of 2016: Beauty

Most Used Products of 2016: Beauty


Hi everyone, this is just basically an up-to-date post of what i absolutely loved last year, its all stuff you put on your face and nails, I haven’t included shampoo, body wash, hairbrushes because I’m really boring when it comes to that kind of thing, I’ll just buy the same thing over and over again, but with make up I definitely have to switch it up, I’m constantly looking for new trends, new things, and what people are loving. Some of these products I got early on last year and pretty much what I’ve used almost everyday and some I kindly received towards the end of the year and I just know I’ll be making the most out of them.


Too Faced Love Eyeshadow Palette  I LOOOOOOOOOVE this so much! If you’re wanting to invest in a really nice palette, i recommend anything from Too Faced, I have a couple and they’re both highly pigmented, you get barely any fall out from them and the packaging is to die for. Whats not to love??? This palette in particular has 15 shadows with shimmer and matte shades  and they are all lovely and I think would suit all eye colours. My fave are the copper shades on the far left, the colour pay of is great! On me, they last all day and the colour is the same as when I put it on in the morning. Definitely worth the money.


Pixi Skintreats Glow Mist This is typically an all over glow mist that gives you a radiant and dewy effect. If i’m honest this is the only thing that i own from Pixi but trying this has persuaded me to look at getting some other things ASAP because this little thing is great. It’s just hydration in a bottle, I haven’t had this for long but during the time where I have had it, I’ve used everyday – I put it on first thing in the morning before applying my make up and then all over my face when I’ve eventually caked myself, just to give me more of a glow and a dewy finish. It’s fab, if I need to or if my skin is feeling slightly dry during the day, i give myself a little spritz again and it’s so refreshing. Love love love!!


Sailing & Nail-ing and Strawberry Margarita are my faves from OPI nails. I bought these before we went to Spain last year as I felt they would be perfect for the summer, but I’ve found myself wearing them all year round. They both give like a cream finish and they are long lasting (if you don’t do the washing up!)


Sleek pomegranate Blusher this is gorgeous, one day I was on the hunt for a ‘worth the money’ kind of blusher and I found it. I’m very much into pink on the face, I think it suits my skin tone and it gives you a pop of colour but still looking quite natural. This one from Sleek is an absolute BARGAIN at £4.99, high pigment again, pay off colour is great, gives a shimmer finish but be warned… you don’t need an awful lot of this on your brush, just swipe across gently and its all you need. I am loving sleek, not just their blushers but the lipsticks and OH MY GOODNESS the eyeshadow palettes!! I cant recommend this brand enough, go check it out.


Okay, so even if you just buy these to look at, it will be worth it, I mean WOW. These are a couple of the brushes from the new Zoeva rose gold collection, a buffing and a soft crease brush…. they are so pretty. These brushes make applying your make up so easy, I use the buffing brush to apply my foundation and seriously it just glides into place, its all blended in really quickly and it doesn’t feel like you’re putting any pressure or digging into your face to make sure its all even. I use the soft crease brush to just blend out my eyeshadow and its like a dream, so smooth, and so quick to get the results you want. I love them both very much.img_2839

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick  this one is in the colour ‘Glastonberry’ which is like a deep purple, berry colour. At first I was unsure if it would suit my skin tone because I’m very fair and light skinned but with a simple eye look and then this on the lips I think it pays off. Well actually I don’t care if it does or not, I love wearing it, I love the feel of it on my lips, its extremely hydrating and long wearing, this colour is part of her ‘Matte Revolution’ range which includes some other gorgeous colours, the packaging is rose gold and its Charlotte Tilbury for goodness sake!! It’ll set you back £23 however I think that’s a reasonable price for a high end brand. If you visit her website you can actually see how the shades will look on your skin-tone which I found so handy and useful and the lipsticks are made with Lipstick tree extract which is a natural anti-oxidant, so it will protect your lips and Orchid Extract which makes them so smooth and hydrated. LOVE!


KA-BROW! This eyebrow cream-gel colour is AMAZING, its so compact and useful, the brush just screws on top of the little brow pot making it easier instead of searching for your eyebrow brush in the mornings! The colour I use is shade 3, and I find this works for me as it builds from a natural to a dramatic finish depending on how natural I want to look! I also bought this product from the new range because it just fills in any gaps that I have in my eyebrows, the colour match is spot on and it really does last all day.


NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams I finally invested in these the other day, I feel like i definitely took my time but i saw these where being stocked in a boots store near me so I wanted to see what all the hype was about and I can honestly say, these are the best liquid lipsticks EVER! I just want to point out aswell that these lipsticks smell incredible, like I could seriously eat them. Anyway, after swatching like the whole range in the shop, I purchased these 3, ‘stockholm’ a casual nude for a natural look, ‘sydney’ for a pop of pink kind of day, casual or for a glam look and then ‘addis Ababa’ a show-stopping pink. These are all really affordable and Boots always have a 3 for 2 promotion on. This range of liquid lipsticks give a matte/silky finish and yet weirdly for a liquid lipstick, they still feel hydrating – not dry at all, they don’t show any cracks or build up on the lips and they have a fantastic range of colours to choose from. A must in your make up bag!

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