Welcome to: My bedroom.

Welcome to: My bedroom.




Hi everyone. I thought I would let you all take a peek into my relaxation boudoir. I LOVE seeing how other people have decorated their homes and I feel inspired after looking, so If you’re nosy like me, I’m sure you’ll like this little post.

So, myself and Matt moved into our dream home last year and I love it so much, it’s everything I wanted it to be and more and I can honestly say, the day we got our keys and opened the front door, was the best day, so far, of my life (I think I cried with happiness. *CRINGE*)

In the process of moving, I got WAY too excited and started buying all our home furniture and accessories before we were even in, but that’s normal right? Matt kept saying ‘you’ll change your mind, wait until we’re in’ and I hate to say it but maybe he was right? Only because I have changed my mind on the style of house I wanted like 10 million times in the past year! Ooops, however at the minute I really like our main bedroom, and I’ve recently put fairy lights round our two doors in the bedroom (I forgot to put them away in the loft after Christmas and wanted to put them to good use) and it makes it feel really cosy at night, because I hate flicking on the main light switch on an evening, it just ruins the atmosphere, I definitely prefer my fairy lights twinkling and a couple of candles burning, it just makes me feel so zen.

We originally had the armchair and foot-stall downstairs in the kitchen, but when we got Archie, we had to move it to our bedroom as it didn’t fit with his crate in there aswell and I was a bit unsure whether I would like it in the bedroom but I think it goes really well, we had that space free to fit something anyway and it looks good, however I’m trying my hardest to not just throw all my clothes on there.

The colour theme we’ve gone for… I say we, but i think I’ve taken over slightly, is very neutral, grey and white and then with a few copper accessories dotted around. I’m always looking on Pinterest for ideas and I think I like a sort of Scandinavian style home, key word there being think, I’ll probably change my mind next month! But that’s the vibe that the whole house is at the minute and it’s dreamy!

Dresser – Maisons Du Monde
Stool – Maisons Du Monde
Bedding (similar) – Next
Armchair and Footstool – MY Furniture
Copper mirror (similar) – Maisons Du monde
‘Naps fix everything’ cushion – Zoella Lifestyle at Boots

Coloured printed cushions, laundry basket and Lamps from TK Maxx
White fluffy cushion from Matalan
Copper star print cushion from George home at Asda.

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