20 Facts about me

  1. I prefer too be too cold and wrap up in blankets than too hot
  2. My O.C.D kicks in whenever  I leave the house, and I have to check windows and
    doors are locked several times before eventually leaving
  3. I always leave the fridge door open
  4. I am a Zoella fan girl (forever and always)
  5. The furthest south I’ve ever been is Central London.
  6. Savoury over sweet any day…I don’t share the sharer bags!
  7. I like to keep myself organised, making lists, organising drawers & cupboards, and having pretty stationary makes me happy
  8. I lack motivation… Since new year I said to myself I want to start running, that still hasn’t happened
  9. I have fear of being embarrassed
  10. Being at home with my boyfriend and my dog is when I’m the most happiest
  11. I am EXTREMELY impatient
  12. Minions are my favourite thing
  13. Christmas is my favourite time of the year
  14. Board games are the best, does anyone still play Snakes and Ladders?
  15. I will always buy the cereal with a cute animal on the front
  16. I’m shy when meeting new people
  17. I have small ears
  18. I probably use dry shampoo more than actual real shampoo (is that bad?)
  19. I’m all about rucksacks instead of handbags
  20. I laugh at my own jokes more than others

I thought I’d do a slightly more personal post and let you in on a few facts about me. I love seeing these posts on peoples blogs, simply because I’m the nosiest person you’ll meet… Sometime’s though, I take inspiration from other people and their types of personalities, I don’t change myself but somethings I’ll see and be like ‘I want to do that’ or ‘maybe I’ll learn this’ sort of setting myself goals.

I’d love to get to know everyone better, so leave a comment with a fact about yourself.





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