Ambiente Tapas

On one Sunday afternoon, Matts parents came to visit us and we paid a visit to a Spanish tapas restaurant, Ambiente. Situated in Humber Street, Hull – this place used to be an old fruit market, and now this area is set to be the new and upcoming, ‘urban village’ part of Hull. For those of you who have never heard of the company before (neither did I until the weekend) Ambiente is a chain with two more restaurants located in York and Leeds.


First impressions of this cute little restaurant was simply that… Cute! It didn’t disappoint visually, fresh flowers on the side, fairy lights twinkling, plants hanging from above and cool ‘birdcage’ shades around the light fittings – it had an industrial vibe with high ceilings and copper and silver pipes showing throughout. It managed to make you feel cosy though with cute little booths to sit in and hooks to hang your coats onto.


The food was really nice, I left that place full and that’s always a good sign. The menu was easy to read, everything on there was reasonably priced, it wasn’t a menu where there were pages and pages to read, it was a sheet of paper and pretty much self explanatory.
So the typical way to order tapas food is to basically order lots of little dishes, there was 4 of us and I think we ordered about 10 dishes between us and we all just shared everything. They offer meats, fish and vegetarian options.

So we ordered a variety of dishes such as – chorizo and potatoes which was so rich and tasty, it looked like it was cooked in honey or something and it was delicious. Patatas Bravas (potatoes in tomato and garlic aioli sauce), some lamb and beef and a meat sharing platter with olives, fresh bread and a chorizo paste which was to die for. All the dishes were the right size for all of us to share, but I would suggest that if there’s a larger group, to order more! I think they recommend 4 dishes per person.

One more thing that I’m now going to purchase is the ‘El Gaitero’ Spanish cider, and I’ve seen Waitrose sell it so i’m there, it was sooooo yummy.


This place is so cool and quirky and if you’re ever in Hull and like tapas, I would recommend a visit. We thoroughly enjoyed it and will be going back.


If you want to see more lovely places to dine in Hull, let me know or even if you’re looking at visiting and want to know the best places to go. Wheres your favourite place?



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