Stationery Haul


You can find all these pretty things in Sainsburys
Shop at TKMaxx and Zoella Lifestyle to get these

My love for any type of stationery has grown over the past year, I now have quite the collection that I tell myself I don’t need anymore but how can you resist little pretty notepads and notebooks that make your life just that little bit more organised? I feel like I kid myself when I buy stationery because it’s just an excuse to say I’ve got my life together and I’m the organised queen, but in reality – I just like having anything pretty on my desk!

So I decided to get a few things and do a haul on all things that have caught my eye. My go to stationery shop has always been Paperchase, however I wanted to branch out this time and shop in places I necessarily didn’t know stocked stationery, but I was pretty surprised from what I found and I actually ended up buying from Sainsburys and TKMaxx.

All these things will definitely come in handy though, I’m already thinking about leaving Matt cute little post stick notes around the house or not so cute ones and instead giving him the shopping list which he might not appreciate so much haha. I use my Zoella ‘once upon a time…’ book the most, as I write up drafts and all my blog post ideas in this and its grey and copper…. ER HELLO?! I also got a couple of weekly planners to organise myself a little bit more week by week and some fancy popper wallets, for boring adult things like bills and receipts etc etc..

I tried to find the links for the things that I got from TKmaxx, however I couldn’t find these items online so googled the brands and could only find one – so if you like anything and want to have a look here you go. xx

From TKMaxx
other brands are George Stanley & Sheffield Home.

From Sainsburys
Popper Wallets
Rose Gold Binder Clips
Rose Gold Paper Clips
Large Desk Planner (Similar)
Clipboard Planner
Desk Planner

Zoella Lifestyle



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