Welcome to: My dressing room


So previously, I’ve done a ‘welcome to my bedroom‘ post, (if you haven’t read it already, check it out, its a good one) and I thought it was now necessary to show you around my dressing room, so here’s a sneek peak. I love it so much – it’s my escape place that I can go to and relax and where I am, probably most of the time. I love spending time in this room, whether that’s to get ready in the mornings or if I just want to cake my face in makeup mid afternoon.

I knew when decorating, that I wanted it to be fresh and white so it looked clean (don’t zoom in on the photo’s, it might be dusty in areas) but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out – there’s a few things that I would like to still get like some acrylic drawers for my daily make up products and even more copper accessories to pop around the room, but all in all, it’s my little den.

As you can see, I have a lot of storage for my dressing table area, you’ve probably seen it all before, but the table and chest of drawers are from IKEA, the table is part of the MALM collection and the drawers are ALEX drawers and in my alex drawers I just keep all my makeup and skincare products in and then in my malm table, is where you’ll find my collection of chokers and jewellery.
The copper bin was bought from TKMaxx, and the mirror is from eBay – the brand is MY FURNITURE and the mirror is called Colleta, you can find that here. I love my chair that I bought from eBay, I just searched ‘Eiffel chair’ and it was cheap and cheerful and it went well in my room, and I’ve just popped a cute little fluffy cushion that I found from Matalan on there aswell.

Above my table I have my little shelf with cute little typography pictures that I am obsessed with at the minute, I always get mine from not on the high street and I think they are the cutest thing to add to a room.

I bought my copper mirror from matalan, which I can’t find on their website anymore, so i found a similar one here and the bedside tables are from TKMaxx.

I would love too see where you all do your make up and your little beauty escape place and if you’ve seen anything which you think I might need in my room, then please let me know. I’ve become an interior addict and I’m always on the hunt.


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