Beverley day out

I LOVE Beverley, I think it’s quaint and the most prettiest place I ever did see, full of little cafe’s, afternoon tea delights and cobble streets. So when my mum and Rhianna paid me a surprising visit, me and Matt decided to take them on a trip to Beverley and showed them everything it had to offer.

It started off by having a cup of tea and a catch up at mine and then I drove us there, parked up and we had a little walk round, enjoying the high street in particular – when I’m with mum, shopping is a must! But they were impressed with how dainty and cute it was. The walk was tiring though, so we managed to find a table in good old Costa, and sat and chilled for a bit.

We moved on to the new Flemingate outdoor shopping centre which is now the modern part of Beverley with restaurants like GBK, Starbucks and Patisserie Valerie and all the known high street shops and had such a good time, myself and Rhianna slowly disappeared from the other two to have a browse in Debenhams and to look at all the lovely make up… It didn’t end up being a browse, lets just leave it as that!

But we were all impressed at what Beverley had to offer, from picturesque scenery and walking around the Minister to having a shop down the high street, for anyone thinking of visiting… Do it! It’s such a lovely place.


2 thoughts on “Beverley day out

  1. The first time I visited Beverley about 4 years ago, I took a picture of that exact cottage at the bottom of your post 🙂 Now I live up in Yorkshire, I’m always out exploring new areas! x


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