Too Faced haul



As I’ve mentioned before, Too Faced is my FAVE make up brand, always has been, always will be and I know the hype at the minute is the Peach Palette which OMG is to die for, but I thought I needed to show the Chocolate Bar Palette some extra appreciation, it hasn’t been forgotten about and is still my go to palette as it offers good pigmentation, and extreme colour pay off. Inside the chocolate bar of dreams, it has a mixture of silky shimmers and hot mattes, all easily blendable and rich in texture… . If you like eating chocolate… Why not have your face smelling of it?!

For £39 you might be thinking ‘woah shannen, what about important bills, petrol and food’ which is all good and sensible, but I’m not sensible! When I see a pretty palette I like, i gotta have it. It’s an addiction and I’m not even sorry. It is fairly pricey in my opinion, but worth every penny!

I also wanted to mention the ‘Better than sex mascara’ being one of the best mascaras in the whole world, not even kidding! I hate nothing more than a PLASTIC mascara wand, so this one makes me very happy inside. It coats every single lash and really volumises them to the fullest – it just gives your eyes that bit more va va voom.

Let me know what your favourite Too Faced Item is and your go to shades ♥

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