Carratraca and Marbella


As I’m writing this, the winter sun has finally hit Hull, it’s pretty, it’s nice, it makes me happy, but what I would do right now to be back in Spain… Our holiday was so relaxing and enjoyable. Last year, we went to Carratraca, which is south of Spain, and a town located  in Malaga and it was my first time visiting (I never knew this place existed). We went with Matt’s family and rented out our own cute little villa furnished with all traditional spanish things and I was instantly happy to be there and knew it was going to be a great holiday.


I’ve never stayed in a Villa before, and can honestly say, I would book one again on our next holiday, the freedom you have is great and the feeling of not being bothered what you look like or what anyone else is doing, makes you even more relaxed. We found ourselves still sitting around the pool and playing card games at 8 o’clock at night and then serving up dinner later on.

The villa was is in this tiny village where you had to walk up 1 or 2 steep hills to get to a few restaurants but after doing that once, it didn’t bother me too much, but the atmosphere was really nice, very traditional and felt very family orientated like everyone knew each other. Most days we would visit the corner shop and get supplies and make our own dinners which was nice, we were able to eat all the food we wanted and indulge in lots and lots of sangria!


Whilst we were in Spain, it happened to be my birthday on one of the days, so as a treat – we drove down to Marbella to see the sites there and it was on another level from where we had been spending the first half of the week in Carratraca. It was more lively with alot more going on and felt more of a tourist area with great entertainment, sunny beaches and quirky bars and restaurants to choose from. It was so cute.


I hope to visit Carratraca again soon, as it was such a lovely holiday. If you don’t mind the walks and a casual drive and want to visit somewhere were it’s so quiet and peaceful, then I definitely recommend this place to you. The sites are so pretty with rooftop terraces and pretty flower pots across all of the streets, I hadn’t seen anywhere like this before. The weather was beautiful, I love the heat with a slight breeze, and where our villa was, it had that, however I remember on one of the days it reached 45 degrees and I had disappear into the shade for a little while, but you can’t moan when you’re on holiday in a place like this.

Please share your holiday pictures and your favourite place to visit. Spain, I miss you. ♥

One thought on “Carratraca and Marbella

  1. Oh my…………we want to be there!!!!

    Your photographs are amazing… come you’ve never shown us those???

    Love it! Xxxx

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