What’s in my bag?

It’s no surprise now that we all love a good nosey at things, I’m the biggest culprit for it!  I always wanted to photograph  a -what’s in my bag? – and write a little post on all things that might interest you, minus the crumbs and empty sweet wrappers, tampons and hair grips, and let you in on what else I carry round with me on daily basis.


To start off with… My absolute babe of a bag! Rucksacks over handbags ANYDAY! So much more convenient and comfortable and I’m loving khaki green atm, so when I received this last Christmas, I instantly knew I would use this everyday, and I think I have done since. It’s a Fiorelli rucksack, that I saw in TKMaxx last year so I’m presuming that maybe you cant get it anymore? I don’t know, its worth looking for though! An investment piece 🙂


And inside my bag – I have many items such as my trusty NYX liquid suede lipstick, who doesn’t have at least one piece of makeup in their handbag? 9 times out of 10, I’ve either got a lipstick or foundation in my bag for those days that you might be introducing a new spot into the world and you want to hide it or just wanna stand out with a bright lippy!! #girlproblems


I’ve got my purse in there, a pot of Vaseline, earphones (I don’t really know why these are actually in my bag but ya know) … sunglasses for driving, a hairbrush – like who doesn’t want to keep their weave looking gorg?? And the most important thing… Chewing gum. That is my most vital thing, not because I have bad breath (I don’t think) but because its refreshing to have minty breath! Extra Ice always!!


I also keep my HP Sprocket in my bag, if you’re not sure on what this is, check out my ‘what I got for Christmas’ post where I explain it a little bit more and my worst habit ever, is collecting receipts in my purse or a bag, even if I don’t want a receipt when I’m out and about, I’m too polite to say no, so I just hoard them in my bag. This one that I currently have is for deodorant and pizza, haha welcome to my life!


What bits and bobs do you keep in your bag?!! As much junk as me?

Shan x



4 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Ha ha LOVE this blog!

    My work bag is a mare…..always got work reports in there that I’ve printed off to read at home cos oh they’re soooo important but they never see light of day again, they just get crumpled and crushed to the bottom of my bag.

    There’s always a stray Soother or Locket lozenge to rescue my voice if I choke in a meeting….problem I have is they always leak and end up sooooo sticky….not a good look picking off sticky wrappers from sweets in meetings!

    Sticky mints for fresh breathe….or sticky fingers!

    I have a problem paying for carrier bags, my solution is to actually fill my handbag with pretty (and not so pretty) fold up nylon bags….if my handbag wasn’t full of these I’d have room for purchases in my handbag damn it!

    Receipts oh my….probably between 5&10 at any one time in there!

    Tissues…gross….used and unused….4 or 5….plus a pocket size pack…A girl has to be prepared!!!

    Pens….3 maybe 4!

    One umbrella of course…and its cover somewhere astray in there!

    I’m impressed you have lipstick in yours….I never have a lipstick to hand….then I’ll find 3 all together!

    A pair of gloves is in there all through winter….just in case….like my sunnies in summer….just in case!

    Letter from the bank….I keep meaning to go in the bank to tell them I don’t have an account there….it’s over a year old that letter!

    Laptop charger….even though laptop is at work.

    Letter from Rach….nice to look back on sometimes.

    Mini mirror….forgot that was there! Well it is super mini!

    That funny little packet to stop mould when you buy a bag….still there! As is the original price tag and label off the bag…..I might want to return it….unlikely now I’ve had it a couple of years!

    Think I should stop typing and clear out my handbag eh!!!

    Carol xxx

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  2. As a mum of 3 small girls, I always tend to have various toys, hair bobbles and leaves. Rarely does my bag contain anything of mine (other than my bank cards and a shopping bag) The rest is dictated by my tiny female army!


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