10 things I couldn’t live without

Yep, it’s just a post about things I couldn’t live without – I’ve had mega writers blog over the past couple of days and thought I’d do a fun post on all things that are important to me. Writing this list was pretty difficult to be honest, a couple of things came to mind straight away, but I did have to think hard and proper about what I couldn’t live with or what I would miss the most.


In no particular order (I felt like Davina McCall writing that)

  1. My phone – Obvious right? I know we are all glued to our phones, and I’m guilty of even taking it into the toilet ~oops~ but I actually don’t know what I would do without it, I’m so stuck on looking through Instagram or Twitter all the time that it’s become a hobby of mine. I’m not one to sit down and read a book, I just don’t have the attention span so I honestly don’t know what I would do instead.
  2. Eyeliner – I can’t remember a day when I did my make up without an eyeliner wing… I just think I look dead without it! So if I could only choose one piece of makeup, it’ll always be black eyeliner, I don’t look like me without that flick on my eyelid!
  3. My family – *Sopppppyyyyyy* but true, everyone including my little doggy, what would we all do??!!
  4. Moisturiser – I’m one of those people who CANNOT go to bed without moisturiser on my feet!! Or as soon as I’m out the shower, I HAVE to moisturise. Dry skin freaks me out, just the feel of it eeewweeeee.

  5. Crisps – Savoury over sweet anyday!!! Give me a bag of pickled onion monster munch…
  6. Fresh water – This is the one thing I’m so grateful for, and I think take for granted sometimes but bottles of water for some reason taste better than tap water??? Or is that just me?! But everyday I’m drinking fresh water, I love it and it makes me feel loads healthier!
  7. Toothbrush – Twice a day, everyday. I really don’t like the feel of my teeth when I haven’t brushed them, it grosses me out SO much.
  8.  Baggy jumpers yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! I live in baggy jumpers, when I’m not doing anything or if I get home, I change straight into a baggy jumper. I’m so much more chilled and relaxed wearing one and er HELLO it’s way more comfortable!!
  9. Dry shampoo – I was going to list just normal shampoo but I probably use dry shampoo more, its a saviour! I can barely ever be bothered to wash my hair, I hate it, it’s boring and such a chore, and probably actually only wash my hair 2/3 times a week, so in between its dry shampoo all the way!! Batiste –  I LOVE YA
  10. Socks – yes socks! without socks my feet feel cringe, any sock will do, trainer socks, normal socks, knee length socks I’ll have.

What couldn’t you live without?! ♥




4 thoughts on “10 things I couldn’t live without

  1. I really like the list of things you’ve chosen, how they’re generally just normal, everyday items! I think it’s a post that we can all relate to, whereas often posts like these are very specific! I also LOVE socks – do you sleep in them?! Everyone thinks I’m weird for sleeping in mine ahaha x


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