Best ever chocolate orange brownies

When I say I just made the best ever brownies… I mean I actually DID just make the best ever brownies, not being biased but I feel like I should sell these in a shop haha. I cannot bake, I try, but I fail, like things can look good but wont actually taste that good, so I was really happy when these turned out OK. I feel like brownies are hard to bake, because you’ve got to get them just right… hard on the top and gooey in the middle but these were good.

I gave a little love to my famalam this weekend by visiting and sharing my brownies and it’s fair to say they were a bit nervous eating them (I don’t blame them) but surprisingly, they went down a treat.

I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe, but instead of baking the brownies with dark chocolate, I did it with milk chocolate and added some orange flavouring and terry’s chocolate orange to the mixture at the end.

If you want to indulge… try the recipe, I’ve just had one for breakfast! ♥


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