Interior dreaming…

I’ve recently been scrolling through Pinterest and had so much inspiration and ideas as to how to decorate my home. It seems to be anything green, grey and pink is in the ‘in thing’ at the minute and I am in LUUURVVEEE.
Having a home together with Matt, it’s hard to include pink into the colour scheme as some would see it as a ‘girly colour’ which I agree with but when you combine it with deep greens, light and dark greys and not forgetting a hint of copper, pink magically transforms into this ‘grown up’, luxurious living space…
Another popular trend is bringing the outside, in. Making your home feel so tranquil and relaxed, I blaaady love it! Give me real or fake plants any day of the week and I’m one happy girl!


I love designing my house and always changing it up, seeing what goes and what trends are popular, without Pinterest I would find it so hard to keep up, so as I was scrolling through, I thought it would be a fab idea to share with you my finds, what I’ve saved and what I’ve come across when having a good ol’ browse through the internet.


1. Cushions from Red Bubble
2. Prints from Desenio
3. Rug from Oliver Bonas
4. Coffee table from Maison Du Monde
5. Clock from Asda
6. Armchair from Made
7. Fake plant from blooming artificial
8. Floor lamp from IconicLights
9. Fake plant from blooming artificial
10. 3 fake plants from leekes

These are all the finds that I’ve seen online, of course you can buy real plants, I have a couple in my office that look so good, but I don’t know how  long they’ll be alive for! So it is a bonus if you can get your hands on a fake one and they look just as good, and I just want to say that the cushions were found on Red Bubble, a site that I’ve never heard of before, but now friikkkinn love, Its like a little online gift shop, definitely a go to shop for home interior now!!

~If any of you find anything CHEAPER online that’s a similar style to these accessories.. I would love it if you shared them with me. I’m a bargain hunter and at the end of the day, I have a house which includes paying bills, lol, so I’m always open to suggestions.~

Pinterest user shannen0354 ♥ ~come and find what else I’m loving~



















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