Mini MAC Haul 

Last week, Matt flew back from South America and on his way he text me asking if I wanted anything from MAC (boyfriend points right there) I didn’t go overboard, but there were a few things that I needed replenishing and a couple of things I wanted to try.

First things first… I LOVE MAC, It’s a brand that can just never get old. MAC was first introduced to me when people at school started wearing it, I was one of those kids that couldn’t afford it so would always wear my trusty Maybelline and Rimmel and dreamed of wearing some MAC bronzer, and as I earned a little bit of money, I finally invested. It was my first brand of make up in my teenage years that was like luxury for me, its definitely a brand that’s more middle range… not high street, but not top end and is fairly reasonably priced.

My first ever lipstick I bought was a matte lipstick in the shade Candy Yum Yum which has been bought now on a couple of occasions, its my go to spring/summer shade, quite daring, but such a gorgeous colour and since my first purchase, I fell in love with MAC.


So I stocked up on my MAC prep and prime spray – – this is so lovely, extremely hydrating and refreshing. I pop this on before I apply make up and after and also a couple of times during the day to ensure that my make up stays in place. It’s no surprise that this actually makes your make up application so much more blendable. It’s infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber which makes it also smell divine.


After browsing online, I knew I wanted some Mineralize Finish powder but which colour?!! I finally opted for Global Glow –I’ve never used this powder before but after reading “a luxurious, slow baked, velvety soft, domed face powder” who wouldn’t want to buy it? They had a range of colours to choose from, but my face needed this one… Now I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the colour it was a deep shimmer bronze, and I was like how on earth am I gonna wear this? But with a little bit on a brush, I just lightly dust it all over my face and neck to give me that sheer, sunkissed glow, and now with the UK finally getting some bloomin good weather, it’s a perfect opportunity to wear this, and I just want to mention the pigmentation in this compact little powder ~a lot goes a long way~ its ace.



I knew I wanted Matt to pick me up an eyeshadow palette, and after getting my sister one for Christmas, I was so jel, so I looked at the palettes, saw what colours they had and this one just jumped out at me. So I got the ‘Purple times nine’ palette and I’m not disappointed. The colour pay off is great, it also has a mixture of satin, matte and velvet shades that can be worn day or night — I’ve actually been wearing some of these shades during the day, at first I thought that maybe they’re a bit bold for wearing during the day, but actually if you use the correct colours and blend blend blend, they look fab! My next purchase will be the Burgundy one, yummyyyy!.






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