Hello Spring 




So because It’s officially Spring… I think… I thought what better time to reflect on the year so far. The sun is shining, it’s soon Easter, butterflies, daffodils, flowers are blossoming and this time of the year just makes me feel great. I already feel like this year is going way to quick, which is a little bit scary but I’m feeling positive and open minded to what else this year can bring.

I’ve had a fab year so far, of course it’s had its ups and downs, everyone has struggles… But there’s one important thing I’ve learnt – Don’t be afraid of the unexpected.
I live my life thinking ‘WHAT IF’ but life is for living, and I think too many of us worry about what if’s and we shouldn’t (easier said that done, I know) but we should be enjoying life, saying yes to things more and not taking anything for granted. So the next part of this year I’m trying my hardest to get out there more.

Anyway, I’ve always said I prefer winter to the summer, because I love snuggling up on the couch in thick blankets, wearing baggy jumpers and drinking endless amounts of hot chocolate, but now spring is here, leading into summer, when the sun is out it makes me feel incredibly good – I eat healthier, I’m in a better mood, I enjoy taking Archie out for walks a lot more, I have music playing in the house which is great and in general I’m looking forward to BBQ’s in the summer, picnics at the park, birthdays to celebrate, concerts to attend and spending all that time with friends and family.

So lets eat our Easter eggs, make crème egg brownies, chill out and love everything Spring!








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