Fabulous Youtubers

Over the past few years I have become obsessed with YouTube, it takes up a huuuuuge part of my day to watch the latest videos, but it makes me so happy to watch them all, I love to watch daily vloggers and beauty related videos, so I thought I would link a few youtubers that make me ~LOL~ and who you should totally check out.

img_4767Surprise surprise…everyone knows that I’m a Zoella fan-girl and I think if someone did a post on their fave youtubers they’d include this woman right here, I mean look at her 11,663,643 subscribers ∧ ∧ ∧ I await anxiously to see when her next video will be up, a little notification pops up on my phone and I get so giddy and watch whatever she’s uploaded straight away no matter where I am. ♥ her!


I’ve only recently started watching Danielle but I love her already, how gorgeous is she??? She covers everything travel, lifestyle, and beauty related and she is just seems to be the nicest person.


Saccone Joly’s are ma favveeeeee, an Irish family who moved to the UK. I started watching them the same time as I started watching Zoella, their family is just the cutest thing ever. They’re daily vloggers aswell, which makes things even more great! Anna has her own channel which is so cute.


Zoella’s BFF, if I’m honest – I only started watching Mark after seeing him in Zoe’s vlogs, but omg he is HILARIOUS, he’s funny without trying to be funny, just the nicest person, and now I’m hooked on watching his main channel videos, he does a bit of everything and his choice in interior design is to die for.


Again… another newbie to the list, BUT, omg why haven’t I watched him sooner than now?! Everything beauty related, he’s got you covered! And SO SO funny, his taste in make up, yes lord!


Joseph Sugg, brother of Zoe Sugg… I love him, his prank videos get me like yyyyeeaaaarrrss and I can be in hysterics for ages watching him, he’s great.


Okay, so I love han. When you watch her, she makes you feel like you’re her bestie. Her in depth beauty videos have me hooked, she’s so generous and informative, and she’s bloomin gorgeous.


Chloe is amazing, a self taught beauty artist, she uploads collab videos, review videos, and ‘how to get this look’ videos etc etc, she does everything! Her confidence inspires me so much, she’s so witty and funny and watching her always gives me lols.


Literally, it’s only been the past week where I’ve discovered Jamie, and I’m hooked – she’s a Scottish youtube, so bold, confident, out there and I love it. She’s incredibly trendy and I always love her make up looks.


I love Nikkie, she’s like a queen, so sassy and funny, for everything hair and beauty related, watch her, she is truly adorbs!!


I’ve been watching Emily for about a year now (writing that sounded so creepy) but she’s like your typical girl next door girl, so stylish and on trend, I could cry cause I want her hair so bad and she’s actually just so normal and polite and her make up is always on point. YES GIRL.




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