Walking in York












My little snoozy-jacuzzi resting his eyes In the car on the way back


So today, was the sunniest day of the year so far, the weather has been bloody marvellous recently and myself and matt wanted to take full advantage of the heat, so I drove us to York Designer Outlet, parked up and started our walk there.

TBH I’m not the biggest fan of walking, I find it so boring and 9x out of 10, I’m more than likely gonna have a hissy fit and a kiddy tantrum and walk miles behind everyone else haha, but for some reason today I was totally feeling it, we had no plans, we weren’t rushing, and we were walking at a reasonable pace and I found it so relaxing! We parked up at Designer Outlet, and started walking alongside the River Ouse, heading towards York City Centre — and I think in total we walked like 7 miles ~phew~ my legs were deffo giving way on our walk back!

But I’ve totally loved life today, it was so refreshing to walk Archie somewhere new aswell, and the centre was absolutely rammed with people, everyone outside in the beer gardens, soaking up the sun.

So I thought I would capture of us out and about, somewhere new and share some piccys with you.

Let me know if you’ve been enjoying the sunshine 🙂










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